Welcome to Wonder(ful) Things!

Welcome to Wonder(ful) Things!

Let's do this dang thing!

Super, just another blog to read and try to keep up with. We get it, honestly, we do. It's one of the reasons we have been holding off on even writing/publishing one. Along with the fact they are a ton of work, we're not writers and well, you know, there's only two or three of us keeping the wheels on this thing called Wonder Goods so....... yeah, here it is anyway (don't get us wrong, lol. We are stoked to launch this puppy and bring you some dope content.)

Now why did we end up deciding to publish this thing? Well, we wanted to create a space to share ideas with our community, a space to help build a more diverse and inclusive outdoor industry as well as highlight all the awesomeness we come across every week, and it seemed like a blog was a good place to start. So every Friday we will be pushing out some solid content for you to sink your brains into. Content with value and not just some bullshit, greenwashed, keyword, trending crap. Below is a list of what you'll be able to find here in terms of upcoming content:

  • Interviews with other makers, creatives, athletes, entrepreneurs, and more.
  • DIY projects and tutorials from us, as well as other makers. 
  • Reviews on some of our favorite gear, food, and travel locations (no we aren't getting paid to do these). Plus most of the time we'll be giving away the stuff we review, so tune in for that! I mean only if you like free stuff ;)
  • We will be talking about a wide variety of topics within the outdoor industry ranging from bikepacking, camping, outdoor diversity, climate impact, and more.
  • Once in a while, we'll be handing over the blog to a guest. Let's be honest, there are more qualified individuals to write this thing than us lol.
  • Then woven throughout we'll also be doing a bunch of giveaways for Wonder Goods products, event entries, free downloads, and more.

We'll keep this intro short, but we just wanted to let you know what we are up to and that we're doin' this dang thing. Let us know if there are topics you'd like us to cover or content you want to see from us. Or maybe you just want us to quit before this whole thing turns into a dumpster fire lol ;)

Well, thanks for checking in; let's see what next Friday brings shall we! 

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