Well, that’s a great question.

Wonder didn’t start out as a company, it started as many things do, as a friendship. In March of 2018 Nick and Aaron had a cup of coffee that grew into a conversation about experiences, failures, hopes and aspirations. It was a conversation about mutual friends and single degrees of separation that grew into more cups of coffee, more conversations and a growing sense of commonality. All that talk soon grew into an idea and that idea unfolded into what has become Wonder Goods. Yes, we make bags but we are more than that. We are focused on creating a collaborative-culture, human centered design and all of that filtered through environmental responsibility. It's by actively implementing these principles that we guide Wonder Goods, these are more than passing trends to us, these are things we truly believe in. So with all that in mind we keep our production runs small, work with other makers/designers both locally and globally, provide repair options to our customers in order to keep our products out of the landfill and constantly look into ways we can lessen the impact we have on our planet.We are always creating, exploring, adventuring and adding to our personal stories, hopefully we can help you do the same.
Together we are Wonder Goods.

Our Mission

It's our mission to design, craft and maintain the highest quality products we can for each of our customers. We understand everyone's on their own personal journey, we just want to help get you there a little easier.  

Our Vision

We see Wonder Goods as a vehicle for change not just a lifestyle brand .  We believe that quality American made products like ours can be globally competitive, environmentally responsible and ethically made.

Our Focus

We love the outdoors, bikes, design, materials and helping people on their personal journeys.  At the end of the day we just want to enjoy the outdoors and we'd like to help you do the same.  Life's too short to not enjoy the ride. 


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Nick Stygstra



Aaron Schaafsma



Kristian Ivens